Year round renewable

Our Mantra

"To provide a localised, safe energy supply and storage which reduces carbon emissions"

We are a green energy integration company that allow full-year renewable energy reliance. Using hydrogen as an energy storage medium, we supply and integrate all necessary equipment along with the HydroGenesis Energy Demand Direction sYstem (EDDY), to generate, use and store energy throughout the year.

  • Generate via Solar
  • Store via batteries and hydrogen
  • Use via inverters, and fuel cells


Energy is captured using photovoltaic solar panels, then the HydroGenesis Energy Level and Virtual Inspection for Safety system (ELVIS) decides where to send it. If energy is needed instantly then ELVIS will send it to the invertor for conversion to AC for the house. Otherwise the lithium-ion battery will be topped up, then once that's full the energy will be converted and stored for long-term need as hydrogen.

In darkness hours ELVIS will use the battery to power the house, then when solar returns ELVIS will recharge the battery. During the darker months of the year when solar production is outweighed by demand, ELVIS will use the hydrogen fuel cell to charge the battery (as well as provide heat for water and central heating).

Simply put, HydroGenesis lets you create, store and use your own energy!


Solar panels provide the clean energy source


Batteries for short-term. Hydrogen for long-term

Use and Management

A Hydrogen fuel cell generates electricity and heat


There are many reasons why installing a HydroGenesis system is a good thing to do....

Why now?

One of the biggest challenges to the UK Government's plan to be a carbon neutral society by 2050 is domestic heating, ...”it will be impossible to meet the 2050 objective without changing emissions from homes” (Source: DECC)

Solar panels on houses have become a common and acceptable sight in recent years and battery storage of excess power is being used increasingly. A shortcoming of domestic battery storage is that they cannot store sufficient quantities of energy to cover the seasonal solar fluctuations. Hydrogen production and storage has only become commercially possible and affordable very recently.

By combining the recent technological advances with the goal of carbon neutrality, NOW is the time for a HydroGenesis

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