About Us
Founded in 2020 with the aim to change the domestic energy market and make the world a better place

To provide a localised, safe energy supply and storage which reduces carbon emissions

Our mantra guides us on what we aim to achieve. We are aiming big: to change the way the UK creates, stores and uses domestic energy.

We started off with a simple idea: how could we have a positive impact on the world?

We soon realised that Hydrogen is the key. It has a lot of energy and can be created in a fairly simple process. We quickly identified all of the necessary components needed to build our vision and discovered that lots of advancements had come together at the same time in many complementary technologies. This gave us confidence that a commercially viable system can be produced at scale.

One element that is missing is ELVIS. Energy Level and Virtual Inspection for Safety system (ELVIS) is needed to be the brain of the system in order to direct the energy flow around the components to make sure year-round energy can be stored and used.

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